Shadows At The Crack Of Dawn-Episode 51

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A chill tingled down my spine as the stethoscope met with my bare skin. I shuddered and averted my gaze to look beyond the man slightly bent over me, at Tobi, literally holding my breath until Dr. Dominic finally stepped back, wordlessly scribbling into the now familiar brown paper backfile when I felt the weird inclination of being watched. Somehow, I am unsurprised at nurse Titi’s stare, but why do I sense some disdain in them.

With a few remarks about my improving health, the Doctor soon disappeared but not until administering some medications to nurse Titi who notably avoided eye contact with him. Soon, she was gone too leaving me with my thoughts.

“Do you like him?”

Tobi’s question came as a shock.

“Of course I like him, he saved us.” I charged defensively.

“Oh stop it Pelumi! You know what I mean. Tobi scolded. “I mean, do you have feelings for Doctor Dominic?”

“And why are you asking?!” I charged irked, ignoring the waver in my voice.

“Damn! Tomiwa was right.”


His gaze leveled coldly “Well I’ll advice that you better forgot about the doctor because you cannot have him!”

“Are you kidding me?” I laughed sarcastically, Tobi clearly wasn’t feeling it as his eyes narrowed in slits, now irking me.


He wouldn’t budge on his wives summon, and the silence in the room even now was numbing, arousing rage inside of me.

Firstly, how could he even harbor such insinuations? And then what if I liked the doctor, what right of Tobi’s is it to dictate my actions; whom to like, and whom not to.

“And why can’t I have him?”I challenged in defiance, ignoring Kamiye’s startled glare, and squarely meeting Tobi’s gaze.

“He is Igbo!” Tobi flatly supplied moments after.


“We are different Pelumi; different ends of a coin.” I glared in awe as he finished menacingly. “I will not let you be with an Igbo man!”

“And whoever gave you the right to mete rules?” I continued ignoring Kamiye’s gasp. “Last I checked I am a grown woman and I can make my decisions brother. I do not need your or anyone telling me what to and what not to do.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Watch me.” I growled, loving the throb in Tobi’s jaw. Tobi’s face flashed a kaleidoscope of emotions; surprise, anger, hurt and then anger again. His nostrils flared infuriatingly and unashamedly I felt a huge degree of satisfaction.

“It’s okay Tobi, please just leave her alone.” Kamiye’s voice soothed from over the mist.  “Please, please let it go.” She pleaded nearing him and trying to pacify him with soft arbitrating eyes.

Tobi’s unwavering glare held mine. His dark, chilly eyes had zero effect on me. Not especially when I’m equally angered. Finally, Tobi grabbed his sticks and pushed to his feet. “I will let it go for now, but over my dead body will I let you be with an Igbo man,” he said and walked out.

Long moments after the door was shut, I glared at the door reliving the last moment and, blasé about Kamiye’s piteous stare as she claimed Tobi’s vacated seat. Despite Kamiye’s subtle and unimposing stare, I knew she and Tobi shared the same views, which leaves room for wonder. What were both persons seeing that I wasn’t? I wondered, relieving the last minute in my head. And every single time, the words He is Igbo send me shades angrier.

Rebellion welled in my heart, thoughts of an affair with the doctor appealing even more to my senses. If anything to spite Tobi. Except deep down, I know I can’t see it through or can I?

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