Shadows At The Crack Of Dawn-Episode 97

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After almost two hours of tantrums, I am finally calm, except still numb to speak. And Kamiye had given up vying for information as she paced around the ward in utter frustration and confusion. She couldn’t believe her ears about Tomiwa’s arrest and wanted more information as she’d dumped all activity to be here. My mind like hers was trying to put the pieces together. I’d rethinked and replayed the whole scenario in my head, that my fear and discomfort around Tomiwa began to make sense. But what I could not understand is why he wants us dead. And as I wracked my brain, I realized that my amnesia only gave off what parts of my memory it wants to, as other pieces from my past were still displaced.

A knock sounded on the door, and it came open after allowing in an averaged height man in uniform, with a bald head and pink lips on really dark skin. He exuded a cool, relaxed but firm personality as he stepped in, followed in by two policemen.

“Good afternoon Ma’s. I’m Inspector Sunkanmi Ajibade.” He produced a badge and introduced his counterparts. Pelumi did the introductions on our behalf.

“Please officer, may I know why you are holding Tomiwa in custody? What has he done wrong?” Kamiye rushed on impatiently.

“We have proof that he is responsible for poisoning his brother, Mr. Dimeji.”

“That’s impossible.” Kamiye gasped in shock but soon found her voice.

“Are you sure there is no mix-up. I mean Tomiwa would never do that to his brother, he loves his brother.”

“Well Madam things are not always as they appear, we have proof, and it’s our job to get to the root of the matter.” With that, he turned to me. “Miss Pelumi, I heard you had a little argument with Mr. Tomiwa before his arrest, is it something you would like to report?”

He watched me frown and proceeded as though reading my thoughts. “We were informed by your guard here Tijani who witnessed it.”

“Okay.” I finally started relaying my amnesia and accident. “I still don’t remember much but I recall that that day he’d come out from underneath the car when we’d visited. That’s all I remember. I didn’t think it was anything, I just thought my brother had told him to check on something.”

The inspector kept nodding. I noticed he had a notepad in hand now and was writing. “And when we were leaving, he had this dark look in his eyes, that didn’t make sense until the accident happened. I might be wrong but I think he caused the accident.”

The inspector nodded, but Kamiye’s eyes were wide open, appearing rounder and larger in her face.

“But that’s not enough proof.” Kamiye voiced, her face deeply contorted in disbelief. Now she stood akimbo, as she stared at me. Her behavior was shocking. Why is she so quick on defending Tomiwa? I wondered and from the corner of my eye, I could see the inspector was also paying a close study to her.

She threw her hands in the air and pushed her fingers through her now disheveled bob from constantly repeating the habit. “I mean all of this is unbelievable. I’ve known this family for over a decade, they are tight-knit and they love each other and Tomiwa even loves you!”

“Is there something you know that we don’t Madam?” The Inspector directed at Kamiye.


“Then please Ma allow us to do our job.” He finished, silencing her as he scribbled a little longer, and then returned to me.

“Inspector Tega handled that case right?”

We both nodded.

“I’ll check on it.” He finished, shutting his note pad as he extended his arm for a handshake. My hands seemed a lot smaller in his. He shook it briefly, and let it go, and nodded at the very confused Kamiye as he left. The day had indeed been a long one. At the moment, I would want nothing more but to go home.

“Please, can we go home?”

“Yes.” Kamiye answered, lulling herself from whatever trance as we soon packed my suitcases down the stairs, with Tijani and Kamiye doing most of the job while I followed calmly behind.

The party at the reception almost made for a teary departure as nurses came and hugged me with a heartfelt goodbye, nurse Titi included. I could guess how happy she felt knowing that she now had the doctor fully to herself.

We stepped out, and I felt relieved as the cool evening air fanned my face. I am finally going home, I smiled at Kamiye’s driver as he received my tote bag and the little box from Kamiye, when someone yelled my name from a car that just pulled in. I peered into it, it was Kamsi. The events and occurrence of the day had made me forget about my little friend. She jumped out of the car and ran to me while I squatted to accommodate her in a bear hug, all the while, careful of my arm. For moments we held on to each other savouring and recording every bit of the other. And as she peeled away from me, it was evident she had just returned from school for she was still in her uniform.

“I’m going to miss you.” She uttered.

“I’ll miss you too.” I uttered in earnest.

“Can I have your number?’ she asked.

“Oh, sure.” I rose, delivering my number as we proceeded to the car together.

“So can I call you anytime?”

“Of course dear.” I drew her in again. Anytime you want to.” I squatted again, and hugged her, unable to get enough of the little girl that already felt like mine. She smashed a kiss on both of my cheeks, which made me laugh out loud. I returned the gesture and she giggled, as she ran off to her father, who had been standing and watching us all the while.

Our gazes held for a second, and I felt that spark again. It was so intense, I could almost swear he felt it too, except the connection broke when he smiled, turned, and led his daughter into the hospital with a final wave. Kamsi wove again by the door, I did the same, and then she disappeared into the building and I stepped into the car beside Kamiye.

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