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By six, Kamiye jarred awake, her lids flicked open at once to the disturbing sound of the alarm as though she hadn’t been asleep all the while. Truly, she’d had an especially turbulent night and what little rest she’d had had only passed for a nap. She pushed from the sheets and raced for the bathroom, her mind working like a clock as she took a quick bath and dressed in slacks and a plain tee-shirt, all the while replaying in her mind the confrontation with Tobi six hours ago, which even still riled her. As she tied her hair to a bun, she noticed her hands shook desperately and paused to take a look at them as they trembled before her in the mirror. Suddenly she was hit by a wave of paranoia and she clutched at the makeup chair for support. It took more than a few refreshing breaths to do the trick, and finally, when her eyes returned to her reflection in the mirror, they were hollow.

At this rate, she was heading for a nervous breakdown, she told herself, but couldn’t stop the fear any less, as the pictures and their sight laid heavy in her mind. Yes, those pictures were real but they were nothing but make-believe; seeming to paint a different narrative from the situation that day. That day was like any other visit to Dimeji’s for a dip in the pool since they had taken away the pool in their home when one of the twins had almost drowned in it and Tobi had sworn not to have it rebuilt for the kids’ safety and his own phobia. Thus her constant visit at the Adejuyigbe’s was not new. It was an on-going practice for years, an arrangement even Tobi was aware of and had easily granted knowing her love for the pool. Even more than once, Tobi had accompanied her on such visits, which was another reason why she was confused and hurt by his quick mistrust. But then, the pictures had barely given any chance for otherwise, she agreed, considering its manipulative and cringy sight. When observing the simple platonic meeting from a stranger’s eyes,  the picture mirrored a happy woman, one at ease in the presence of another whom she was romantically attached to.

Even more bewildering than the pictures, was their source. That day, she remembered them being alone at home. So who could have taken them, she wondered. The pictures were clearly intentional as they captured no proof of her gloom that day, which was the major reason why she’d even embarked on the visit. That day, as she recalled, was only a few days following Tobi’s accident. Tobi’s condition was bad, Pelumi in a deep coma, while she was suffering great despair, that a break was crucial lest she lost her sanity. And so she’d taken up Dimeji’s offer for a dip in the pool, knowing how it refreshed her soul. There was nothing wrong with that. Perhaps, her only wrong was leaving her husband’s bedside, she agreed, but those few minutes outside the hospital had been worth it. In such short moments, Dimeji had helped ease her fears, brought laughter and stirred her hope again as a good friend would. But never would she have thought such a moment was being captured.

Recollecting the images, Kamiye seethed now. Only two suspects could she bring herself to think of; the guard as he was the only one at home, or Dimeji himself. Kamiye shivered at the mere thought of the latter. Of what reason would Dimeji try to set her up, implicating himself in the process? It didn’t make any sense at all, and so that left the security the only suspect, whom in the deepest corner of her heart she knew was quite incapable of such discreet yet detailed shot. It was either that or someone who had access into the home, someone who was considered a friend and considering the timing and date of the shot, Tomiwa was not an option as the young man had been briefly out of the country then. And so that left Tokunbo, the only other person with the greatest access into the home. Except even that didn’t bode well with Kamiye.

Glaring at her reflection in frustration, she wistfully wished that all of it were a bad dream-one she would awake from, but just then the curtains billowed, the frigid morning breeze stinging reality.

Jarring out of immobility and gathering herself, Kamiye started out, returning half-way out the door to the grab the darned envelope sited on her sheet as though having it to herself might prevent further damage than was already wrought. In slow quiet motions, she tiptoed to Tobi’s door and turned its knob gently. As expected, it was locked. And though this didn’t come as a surprise, it didn’t lessen the deep sickening in the pit of her stomach or the rise of agitation and unease like she’d experienced all night.

Slowly resisting the urge to knock, Kamiye backed away wondering if Tobi was well. But then, knocking will be futile as it would only awaken the entire household and alert them of their feud. She would exercise some patience until she returned, she told herself, hoping by then he will be cool enough to talk. With that decided, Kamiye left, telling only her sister Tade of her quick visit to the hospital, who blinked fully awake on her relay of Dimeji’s condition. Tade immediately leapt to her feet, volunteering to go with her, but Kamiye subtly disagreed. She needed her at home to watch over the kids while she briefly went over to verify that Dimeji was alive, well and responding to treatments. And as Kamiye climbed behind the wheels of her car alone, Tade didn’t bother asking about Tobi, for her unaccompanied visit to Dimeji was a clear indication of the unresolved feud between the couple.

As Kamiye maneuvered unto the road, she was greatly ruffled, sending nervous glances every now and then into the side-mirrors as she couldn’t shake off the feeling of being watched. The feeling stayed on through the ride, and not until pulling into Zenith hospital did she at last feel secure.

She dialed Tomiwa to inform him of her arrival and was soon joined outside by him. Tomiwa’s eyes were sad and tired as he spotted her from a distance and waved her over with a tired slump to his usually straight gait. Kamiye closed on him, the tautness and weariness in him more pronounced as she gained on him. Her heart constricted with a mix of pain and gratitude that as she reached him, she hugged him, lingering on a few minutes before parting to gaze into his sleep-deprived eyes.

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t come last night. It was too late, Tobi won’t let me drive at that time, and I couldn’t-“

“It’s fine, I understand.” Tomiwa dismissed, peering past her to the car in expectation. “Is he here?”

“No, something came up,” She swallowed. Seeing the disappointment in his eyes, she continued, doing well to avert her gaze. “But he’ll be here soon.”

“Is something wrong?”

“No, no.” she quickly assured him, hating that she’d never been good at lying, and resorted to some excuse about the kids with a story that didn’t really fit, but if Tomiwa noticed, he didn’t mention it. But one thing was clear in his eyes. If the case were reversed, Dimeji would have dropped whatever to be at Tobi’s side.

“Don’t worry, he will be here!” Kamiye reiterated seeing the hurt and doubt in his eyes and very masterfully steered the conversation from her husband, back to the patient as she took him by the arm and guided him back into the building.

After a tumultuous night, Dimeji was finally stable, Tomiwa explained. Although he like her was yet to see him as he was still in Intensive care and the Doctors were yet to grant him the go-ahead to. Carefully, she settled beside him on an empty seat in the almost vacant reception, careful not to rouse a sleeping couple afar, the only occupants apart from the receptionist who passed an acknowledging nod to Kamiye.

“So what happened?” She’d automatically resorted to hushed tones.

“I really don’t know. Tokunbo is presently at the police custody and-”


Tomiwa’s eyes closed then in silence, and when they reopened, pain deeply resonated in them wrenching Kamiye’s heart. A sigh followed, and then he began on how the family had enjoyed an afternoon together and as was the custom, Tokunbo had prepared lunch.

“I got an urgent call, so I had to dash out. I didn’t even have the time to eat. I got back home late, and that was when I found Dimeji laying on the floor lifeless.” Tomiwa’s face wrinkled, briefly overwhelmed by strings of emotion as he recounted the event. Obviously, he was trying hard to stay strong, and Kamiye touched his hands comfortingly, trailing her palm up and down its length.

“The doctor said we were lucky you know-that if I had wasted even just a minute, the poison would have done irreparable damage to his system.”

Kamiye’s insides knotted at the thought of what could have been when the gravity of his words struck home. “Wait! The meal was poisoned?!”

Tomiwa nodded, the slow bob of his head further raising alarm and panic in her insides.

“Oh my God! Are you saying Tokunbo poisoned him?!”

“I don’t know.” Tomiwa answered in earnest, running a frustrated palm over his head. “The doctor says it’s the food, the police believe it too…I don’t even know.” He genuinely supplied. “The security said Tokunbo had returned home, a few minutes after leaving Dimeji and she had thrown a tantrum when she found him again with another woman; they’d had a nasty fight.”

Kamiye’s mind took a crazy spin as she searched for any possible motives but came up short of any. “No, that can’t be!” She shot back disbelieving. “Tokunbo cannot be capable of such cruelty! Not after all they’ve been through! Not after all she’s sacrificed! For chrissakes, she loves him and he just proposed!”

“Just what I thought.”

“And what was he thinking to have brought another woman?! Ugh!”

Kamiye snorted, a deep disbelieving sound from her throat as she further voiced her disbelief, her voice fairly rising above whispers.

Now drained of any considerations, Tomiwa sank into his seat, a doleful expression crossing his face. “Right now Kamiye, I’m confused. I don’t even know what’s true and not anymore. All I know is my brother could have lost his life, and all I want is for the perpetrator to be brought to justice. I don’t care whom. At this point, my belief about anyone doesn’t matter.” He said pointedly at her, his eyes now blazing red fury. “I’ve lost too much already. I’m not going to sit and watch someone hurt my last living family.” His face then couldn’t have been any more vulnerable, his hurt bared open that it clipped Kamiye’s heart to watch. She knew he was referring to his parents.

“You know, the doctor said the poison almost perforated his intestine. What if I had not returned early, what if his intestine or worse his something else was damaged, what if-“ he trailed, the rest of his words dying on his lip, the tight strain on his face and the quiet tremble, testifying to an internal turmoil he was trying desperately keep a lid on.
Kamiye took his much bigger hand in hers and gave it a gentle squeeze. “He’ll be fine.” She proffered in an unusually thin voice.

“Yes, I know. I’ve been praying all night.” He divulged, permitting silence for a moment as each was lost in his thoughts when he mentioned again into the silence. “I can’t lose Dimeji!”

Kamiye nodded in understanding amidst her reeling thoughts on the recent events that plagued both families. A pattern was forming, and the more she thought of it, the more the thought came to stay.

“There’s something happening around here- something is wrong.” She blurted deep in thought.

“What? I don’t understand.”

Kamiye lifted to him, her ghostly eyes contemplating whether to share or not.“ I might be wrong, but is there possibility that all of this with your family and mine are not just mere coincidences, that there is someone behind all of this?”

Unblinking, Tomiwa glared at her, trying to make meaning to her words. “Well someone wants my brother dead, and that’s suspicious on its own.”

“My point exactly! Tobi’s accident, framing you and Dimeji, this and…“


Kamiye’s eyes loomed over his face wondering whether to tell him about the pictures or not. “And trying to kill them both.” She hastily supplied. “I think we need to look out of the box and stop pointing fingers. There’s something going on here and we need to stick together to find this.”

With a deep breath, Tokunbo settled back into his seat, understanding slowly seeping into his eyes as his head loomed ideas. He suspected there was more to her words than she was letting on, but he wouldn’t push. Facts were more important, and the fact was that Tomiwa had been poisoned, had almost lost his life and Tobi hadn’t even bothered to show, the fact was that Tokunbo was in detention and he didn’t know what to believe.

“The doctor was specific about what meal had been poisoned, Tokunbo had prepared it and I can’t even think of anyone else that would have done that, except….” he trailed, suddenly jarring upright as a thought struck; very vital information, he wondered why he had never thought about it till now.


“Aisha!” He echoed out loud, certainty looming in his eyes as he grabbed his phone and dialed Tega, the man for the moment.

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