How to thrive in your Singleness (& After)

Single? Not Such A big deal

How to thrive in your Singleness (& After)

At some point or another, we all get to that point where we desire a companion, not because we feel incomplete without one, but because human beings are naturally made to be interrelational. One often begins to desire that significant other; someone that you do not only get to do life with but also get to share intimacy with and lastly, a partner that you can be vulnerable with.

However, in your quest for companionship, you must not lose your core. First, you must find yourself (your purpose), establish your values, your worth and the beauty that lies within you. You must never allow yourself to become so invested in wanting a companion that this desire becomes your sole bane of existence that everything else starts to suffer.

Love and marriage will happen at the right time!

But until then, you must first embrace quiet times (lonely days), see it as a blessing and learn to function optimally at it. This book will teach you just that; how to get busy, stay focused, hone your strength and how to be patient in the wait. From this book, you would learn lessons that will not only help you through your single phase but also in becoming who you are destined to be and to attain wholeness and fulfilment in every aspect of your life.