About Temitope

I am Temitope Fakeye, I live in Lagos, Nigeria. I am a dreamer, writer and lover at heart. I want you to read my books and walk away with a deep sense of satisfaction that comes at the end of every great tale.

I started writing in 2013 after graduating with a B.Sc Biochemistry, without a job for about two years. I had to find myself, turn a so seeming pitiful situation as many considered to a fruitful one, thereby turning lemons to lemonade.

Being an introvert, fantasy for me has always been my solace, a great retreat into the make-believe life l had always craved and enjoyed since childhood. A try out in Writing after school helped discover my abilities; I had finally found a way to put my dreams and imagination into words. Now six years down the lane, I am stuck with it, happily juggling it with a job I love.

Although I do not have any published work yet, but Shadows which will be my first release on this site means a lot to me, for it is indeed my very first complete work (I would say complete as I had quite a number of unfinished ones at the time). It holds such a dear place in my heart, as I grew from it, learnt from it and honed my skills with it and I couldn’t be more proud and excited to share it with the world.

If you are a movie lover or a good story lover like me, you will love my ‘Shadows in the crack of dawn’ for each word was penned with so much love and passion.

Lastly, I will love this site to be as interactive as it can be. Your reviews and thoughts are welcome as I will be reading everyone of them and will love to communicate with you.

With Love