Shadows At The Crack Of Dawn-Episode 69

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Dimeji laid on the romper, lean, taut and strong, gloriously stretched in the setting sun, his well-defined muscles glistening with tiny sparks of water resembling diamonds against beautiful black skin, a sculptors work. Naturally, his body drew attention; men greening with envy, and appreciative glares from females, which he turned a blind eye to. Most especially, the perfectly primed young ladies at the reserved lounge of the famous five-star hotel with cheeky laughs certainly aimed at catching his attention. Once he would have worked his charms with zero effort as his body had done most of it. Without doubts, he could have any of them if he wished. Except he didn’t. It was just one of those particularly off days, that he’d considered swimming the breather he needed until five laps down the Olympic sized pool with zero ease from a strain he’d finally concluded a mental one. A strain mostly attributed to memories of his last visit here with Tokunbo. In plain terms, Dimeji missed Tokunbo. In recent times, he had been somewhat distant, he’d pushed her away admittedly, and when he’d returned from the long swim, with tons of missed calls on his phone, he was unsurprised that none of them was from her. Tossing the last of his pride, Dimeji dialed her number and was the least surprised when she wouldn’t answer. Tokunbo was not the sort to preen over her mobile in wait for a man’s call, it would only be a miracle if she answered. However, he dialed again knowing he was being paid back in his own coins. On a deep regretful sigh, he took a swig of vodka, admitting to having been a spoilsport in the past days. He’d been selfish, self-centered and too consumed in his own life and the situation with Tobi that he’d put his relationship in jeopardy. The more he thought of it, the more stupid he felt and undeserving of a woman who’d put out her all and unashamedly declared her love for him. Opening up his Instagram page, he was unsurprised as her picture popped at the top of his feed, a shot along with friend’s posted only two minutes back, and a caption that made him seem invisible, proving she was intentionally zoning him out. She was obviously mad at him, but that didn’t stop him from sending her a direct message even though she wouldn’t respond despite being online. Three days had passed since bagging the government contract, five since departing from home, it was high time he returned home, he decided. He had work waiting back at home, and a beautiful woman he’d do all to win back. Besides, his hasty departure had been one too unethical, but the sanity break was needed and especially extended when he’d been informed of the ‘raid’ of his home, which in all earnest he didn’t even care about anymore as he had nothing to hide. In fact, nothing mattered anymore, not Tobi’s mistrust or the fact that Tega was keen on pitching him as guilty. From here on, the only thing that mattered was emerging from isolation, defending his innocence and pulling through life with a plan that might include breaking off from Tobi or not. And as for his relationship with Tobi, only time will tell if there will be redemption. But for now, he would return home a better man and of course with a better grip on his emotions and anger. He switched over to Tokunbo’s Instagram page now filled with newer posts, a staying proof of her presence on the platform. He double-tapped and studied the most recent shot, rehashing her facial features as though she were present in person. In it she was happy, laughing, carefree and seeming to have moved on with her life with not even the slightest hint of gloom in those eyes.  Could a five-year-long relationship go down the drain just like that? He wondered glaring at the woman’s happy, ageless face, he could almost be deceived. Anger sprung in Dimeji when from the comments, he noticed Dennis’, worse, she replied, leaving his untouched. Dennis was that one ex that just wouldn’t leave; the only man that Dimeji had ever considered his rival, mostly because his relationship with Tokunbo had never really ended. Dennis had simply traveled out of the country to make a life for himself, he’d never returned home after his Master’s degree, and both had naturally drifted apart. Impulsively Dimeji turned to Dennis’ page, unprepared for the shock when he realized Dennis had finally returned home after a seven years hiatus. Dimeji’s head spun with series of notions, but the most imminent was the chance of hooking up with Tokunbo and starting off from where they’d ended. Panic crept into Dimeji as he glared at the inarguably handsome man! Though neither that nor Dennis’ wealth posed any threats to Dimeji as he was equally of a strong standing, but then, he must not leave any room or take chances. It didn’t matter that Tokunbo was perhaps the most loyal person he’d ever met, but one must not be tempted so. Having met Tokunbo five years ago at a point which was perhaps the bleakest in his life, was Dimeji’s greatest blessing. That period when Longe’s had been so overwhelmed in debt, they’d been close declaring bankruptcy was when they’d met. Through those dark, penniless times, her love, encouragement and earnest belief had been the light, comfort, and sanity he’d needed. At those times he’d almost succumbed to despair, her love had again awoken hope and optimism. She’d seen his dreams, she’d believed and aided it, and been through till its very maturation. He would never lose such a woman, he decided Briefly turning his attention to the ladies’ cheeky laughter at a corner, with gazes riveted on him, there and then he decided he was done. Formerly, he would have had the choicest pick, but not anymore. He now knew what he wanted, and none of it entailed a quick slice in paradise. He wanted more, a crave beyond the physical, one of profound completeness, eternal satisfaction, and comfort, which could only be complemented by a soul mate. Maybe Dennis arrival was more good luck than bad, Dimeji thought, even considering it the most appropriate wake up call he’d needed.

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