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On her last descent down the stairs, Kamiye felt a heavy flutter from Tobi’s wink, and in turn sent him a sheepish smile. She felt like a youngster, falling in love afresh. Twelve years with Tobi and yet she felt unexplainable feelings. Not even time or season had dulled either’s love.

The parlor was filled with guests, Dimeji and Tega both too deeply engrossed with the live soccer match to notice Kamiye’s return or Tobi’s appreciative feast on his wife’s voluptuous form in fitted jeans and body moulding turtle neck well accentuating her curves.

A deep flutter welled deep in Kamiye’s belly, quickly followed by the all too familiar rush of heat below. She saw his passion darkened eye and she felt giddy from it. Surely, were they alone, he would have taken her and she would have made no hesitation. She wanted him too with such smoldering need, that she turned away before giving to drastic actions.

She knew how well Tobi prided his woman. He was the sort of man to always keep others wanting his wife. Trophy wife

“Are you set?” Kamiye directed to the kids intent on their visit with Pelumi when all her body really screamed was a long undisturbed rest or even better, a time in with Tobi.

Both boys nodded in unison, never cutting off their heated game but only pausing to plead for a couple more minutes. Kamiye obliged, for the moment now more intent on her wiles than anything else, which seemed to be producing its desired effect as Tobi’s gaze trailed her every movement. Kamiye delighted in it, and further honing some sexiness, she swung her hips more seductively. Her intent was simple, to get pregnant again.

Kamiye called for the maid and ordered her to clear the dining of used dishes as she joined the bickering men over the game on the screen at the far end of the wall. Here was where one watched men turn again to boys. The other men showed active involvement in the match than Tobi, who instead had taken an interest in his wife. First, the match was not his club’s or the house would have been greatly testosterone-charged than it was, the twins included. And then another subject was Kamiye’s prim however seductive look that roused a three weeks-old unmet need. The couple was once again on one of Kamiye’s self-decreed sex fast intended to bring some spice into their marriage.  She had only recently begun to incorporate that, which so far had been great and productive for the pair. Except for Tobi, it wasn’t as easy and what usually kept him through was the anticipated make-up which at the end was well worth the wait. Plus he’d realized a few moments deprivation of sexual intimacy did their marriage more harm than good; her merciless taunt made him want her even more.

Real Madrid and Barcelona, Kamiye overhead the men converse and was beyond grateful when finally the game wore to an end. Despite having lived in a home with great indulgence in it, she had never developed a flair for soccer. It was at such times as this that she wished for a female child, a Morenikeji, a mini self, except Tobi would not grant it.

During Kamiye’s first and ever delivery, Tobi had experienced a deathly scare that he’d sworn against any more kids. They were blessed with male kids, which by societal standards was paramount, thus, Tobi never saw the need for more.

Kamiye’s deepest regret, on the other hand, was inviting Tobi into the labour room. He more than her was yet to recover from the trauma. He had promised never to put her through such an ordeal and he’d meant it. But what about her, her wants?

Very vaguely, Kamiye recollected the twin’s birth and admitted to it being difficult. She’d been too small for a natural birth and at some point exhausted when stubbornly refusing a cesarean which had turned the last resort. Frankly, Kamiye’s delivery was nothing short of a miracle. Nine years had passed since then, and she was well aware another pregnancy would not be any less easy. But her itch for a kid was greater than any pain she’d experienced, that she was willing to try. Kamiye was as emotionally ready as psychological and believed in time, the physical would follow.

Apart from her deathly crave for a newborn, Kamiye convinced herself she was depriving the twins of a huge family, when she herself had grown in a one with seven siblings-five of hers, two-step ones, and cousins who had grown in the palace. She wouldn’t paint it an exactly easy experience, but all of it had attributed for a bitter-sweet and glorious childhood; when they weren’t biting each other’s heads off or settling disputes. Although the world was past the era of ‘numerous kids’, Kamiye yet felt as though she owed the boys another sibling, when in truth all she simply wanted was another child. The boys were growing too fast and suddenly two just didn’t seem enough anymore. And as much as she tried to force Tobi into reasoning with her, he’d only turned more adamant. Surely, he would split hairs if he found out about the stopped pills. She wanted a child at all cost, and though she knew it was an entirely selfish act, she believed with time Tobi would warm up. But first, she needed the pregnancy to stay, and more precisely she wanted it female. But what if it were male again? She smiled at the thought of having another little man joining the fleet. Tobi and the boys already were a handful, but nevertheless, a male wasn’t such a bad deal either, but she prayed for female.

Kamiye gave a low chuckle and slapped Tobi’s palm off her thighs from underneath the table where she was sitting beside him. In spite of the shared past years, a touch from Tobi was all it took to unnerve her. Her breath caught again as he began drawing lazy circles again on her lap slowly and deliberately advancing to her middle.  This time she cast him a pleading look, he stopped on a wicked grin but not until a light squeeze on her thigh. Even with Tobi’s fingers gone, her thighs tingled where only moments his fingers had been. The denim had done very little to shield Tobi’s torture.

“We’ve been waiting for you,” Tega announced only just noticing her presence from what had obviously been a good match to him. His team had won Dimeji’s.

“Oh okay. So what’s up?”

“Nothing really.” He dismissed with a perfunctory smile and launched a hearty applaud of the meal. Dimeji despite his gloom over the game seconded it, fueling Kamiye’s pride. She basked in the men’s compliments regardless of hearing it countless times. Kamiye possessed great culinary skills of a five-star chef, courtesy of her mother.

In spite of growing in a maid-filled palace, the queen had ensured Kamiye garnered as much kitchen skills as she could, she believed the popular saying that ‘A good meal was the way to a man’s heart.’ Kamiye already possessed all other winning qualities, why not crown it with the perfect finish? Besides, the queen was not a supporter of indolence. Royalty or not, females naturally were groomed first for house-keeping, she believed.

Anyway, for all she’d learnt Kamiye was grateful. Back then, little did she know those skills would come handy. Until that moment when she and Tobi had gone solo and she’d had to take up some catering job for survival. That phase had been the hardest in her life, but she and Tobi together had scaled through. A fleeting smile stole on her lip as she remembered once drafting a career along that path until her flair for children’s fiction stole in and then in later years, fashion. So far, Kamiye had no regrets whatsoever. Catering was her past only to be relished in her memory. But every now and then, she still loved to cook healthy and delicious for her family.

Tega made a throaty sound drawing Kamiye’s drifting thought to his voice, noncommittally punching into his mobile. “I met again with Tobi’s mechanic. As we recall, investigations were closed at a leaking brake pipe, which only seemed logical at the time.”

Tega lowered his phone then turning optimum attention to the occupants of the round table. “But recent occurrences have caused a rethink. Kazeem’s death most importantly was sort of an eye-opener. His death opened rooms to speculations and I began to ask myself other questions.”Tega shifted comfortably in his seat, his eyes setting strong imprint on every face. “Questions I never really dwelled on, like is there any possibility of this being a planned as opposed to it being an accident.”

“What do you mean?”

Tega’s eyes thinned, staring Dimeji through slits in quiet deliberation, and very slowly reechoing his words with strong emphasis. “I meant what if it really wasn’t an accident, what if the brake pipe was cut?”

A silent chill swept over the room only jaunted by fleeting sounds of the boy’s video game as Tega was met with three pale faces.

“Is that even possible?” Dimeji’s voice shuddered in terror.

“It is! I should have looked into this a second time.” Tega lamented. “But you know we never had any reason to really consider that. The cut seemed too natural.  If it was cut, then it was masterfully done.” And then more confidently, Tega pressed. “I don’t mean to scare you, but I strongly feel someone wants you dead!”

Tobi’s demeanor couldn’t be anymore steelier and Kamiye’s more vulnerable. Tega didn’t mean to unnerve the perfect family. He just owed it to them to keep them in the know. “Tobi, if you don’t mind, I will like you to run over your business for that day again.”

“Any proofs yet?” Dimeji interrupted.

“None for now.” Tega turned to him with a slight frown. “But eventually there will be.”

“You make that sound like you’re so certain.” Now all faces were turned surprisedly to Dimeji. “I really don’t know about investigations, I know that’s your field.  But I think it’s unfair scaring them unnecessarily until investigations are proven.” His eyes stopped at Kamiye, flooded with major concern.

“I’m not scaring anyone Dimeji. I’m only running through the turn in investigation. It could turn out wrong, but at this juncture, we would leave no stones unturned.”

Dimeji seemed troubled for a moment looking at Kamiye and then slumped against his chair in quiet resignation. In the next moments, Tega’s eyes were keyed on him until Kamiye called his attention, and very slowly he peeled off Dimeji.

“Now who would want to do that?” Kamiye’s whisper rang trancelike as Tobi’s hands covered her’s underneath the table.

“Whoever is capable of shooting your driver.”

Kamiye’s eyes darted fearfully and Dimeji pounced to the rescue again. “Not questioning your findings or anything, but Tega it’s been two weeks since the driver’s death, and there hasn’t been any more hassle. Don’t you think the shooting random?” Dimeji flashed expectantly to all three faces.

“No, I don’t!” Tega firmly grounded and directed to Tobi demanding a re-run of the tragic day. Tobi spilled. In spite of his shock and unbelief, he knew better than to dismiss Tega’s theory, especially because Tega’s eyes bellied some secret knowledge.

“I left home to the mall for a few pickups. I went to pick Pelumi afterward, and then we both went to Dimeji’s. We were supposed to go see father from there, but Pelumi wouldn’t. We were on our way back home when-wait!” Tobi suddenly halted, his eyes glowing with sudden understanding. “Are you saying that even if the brake pipe was cut, it had to be in one of those places?”

Tega nodded. “Exactly. On my insistence, the mechanic and I checked again and we found the possibility that the brake pipe might have been cut.”

“It sure wasn’t my place!” Dimeji defensively growled, even more adamantly at Tega’s wooden stare. “It could have happened anywhere, but not my house! It could have been here even!”

Tega’s brows furrowed thoughtfully with Tobi’s in sheer stun.

“Are we seriously considering this?” Dimeji’s let out a strained derisive laugh, his gaze frantically darting amidst the pair. And by what he saw in those eyes, he felt the momentary claw of panic turned to disappointment, anguish, disbelief, and anger.

“It couldn’t have been here. “Tega coolly stated. “There would have been signs of it before Tobi left home and seriously with all the stops, Tobi wouldn’t have made it that far to your house with a leaking pipe.”

“So what are you insinuating?” Dimeji’s voice hitched fury. His eyes now were flaming. A small vein throbbed visibly in his temple.

“What’s this?” Tobi glared at both men confused, urging both to silence, but granting audience to Tega’s inquiry. “No!” Tobi scoffed. “I would have seen the leak if it started from home. But that’s not the point.” he pitched as Dimeji started again. “Is there something you know Tega, If there is just let it out!

Tega’s lips spread a thin grin, with a somewhat secretive glint directed at Dimeji further irking Dimeji.

“It didn’t happen in my house!” Dimeji spat at the snickering man.

“Who said it did?”

“Then stop looking at me that way.” Dimeji’s fist banged heavily into the table as he jumped on his feet, tipping the chair against linoleum floors and catching the twins’attention. In a flash, Kamiye was across the room nudging both curious boys up the stairs and to their bedroom as Dimeji’s angry roar took the background.

“What way?” Tega shrugged now wearing a look of benevolent suspicion.

Kamiye was back now, and things were yet heated, especially at Dimeji’s end. His eyes now shot even bloodier, and his nostrils flared angrier as he spat his affront while Tega, as opposed to him, maintained a cool and unruffled demeanor, except a dirty smirk Dimeji would want more than anything to rid off.

Dimeji soon spent from his release, with a last pained and horrified turn at the confused hosts, stormed blindly out, cursing under his breath without less of a backward glance.

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